Welcome to my website which will give you some insight into my personality, my biography, my world view, and my work, my commitment to it, and what I can do for you as a multilingual translator, writer, and editor.

My life is focused on words, expression, and dialogue because in my world view words are like souls. Words are bridges and not just a series of letters following one another.

Words and working with words is what make people human.

Words and working with words prevent hatred and wars.

As a European woman who converted to Islam, I strongly feel that my responsibility with regards to working with words, is to promote human rights and dialogue between different religions and cultures while stressing empathy and feminism as an expression of dignity for all women.

On this website, you will be introduced to my biography, books, translations, and publications.

Translation has been my passion since my time at university.

I believe that linguistic studies should always go together with all kinds of other studies because languages connect people, broaden their horizons by increasing their empathy and capacity to understand each other.

As Maurice Merleau-Ponty said:

“It is a great good fortune, as Stendhal said, for one to have this passion as a profession.”

Wishing you a wonderful visit to my website.

Thank you!

Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi